Direct Push Macro Coring

The MC5 Soil Sampling System is a single tube, discrete or continuous system with unmatched durability.

MC5 Advantages:

  • Robust Thread Design
  • Discrete & Continuous Soil Sampling
  • Quick Operation (no stop-pins required)

DT325/35 Soil Sampling System
For sampling in saturated sands and plastic clays ... use the DT325 and Dual Tube Sampling System.

DT325 / DT35 Dual Tube Sampling System Advantages & Specifications:

  • Larger Diameter Core (47mm)
  • Liner is housed in a steel sheath providing sample integrity
  • PVC liner comes with integrated Core Catcher
  • Set up to 1.5 in. Geoprobe® Prepack wells

The dual tube’s unique combination of cutting shoe, sheath, and sample retainer allows efficient recovery of samples in formations ranging from plastic clays to saturated sands. It’s designed to quickly recover samples well below the water table. Problems with liner failure or lodging are virtually eliminated with this system.

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