Geoprobe Drill Rigs

The Geoprobe 7720 and 6620 Track Mounted rigs are both capable of installing 50mm or 100mm monitoring wells, collecting soil or groundwater samples using Push Tube Sampling Systems or doing Geotech soil borings with the DT100 auto hammer. Not only are these rigs versatile, they also have a small footprint (1.52m wide X 2.43m long and 2.26m tall when folded) which allows better negotiation on sites with different terrains. The rigs are also fitted with a rotary head for both auguring and down hole hammer. From the interior factory setting to the heavily wooded site, the 7720 and 6620 have consistently proved themselves as the rig of choice for consulting professionals.


•    Width: 1.524 metres
•    Length: 2.438 metres
•    Height: 2.260 metres (mast down)
•    4.674 metres (mast up)
•    Weight: 3.110 Tonnes


•    Environmental & geotechnical projects
•    Soil sampling

Rig Specifications
•    Type: Geoprobe 7720DT & 6620DT
•    Angle drilling: up to 300 from vertical
•    1956mm probe cylinder stoke allows use of 1500mm probe rods
•    Macro coring
•    Dual tube system 32mm Dia. core
•    Up to 18m depth

•    Down hole hammer: 50m (100mm & 125mm Dia.)
•    Auger: 25m (150mm Dia.)
•    Hollow Auger: 25m (200mm Dia.)
•    SPTs and Undisturbed samples (U50, U63, U75 & U75)


  • Geoprobe 6620 DT Data Sheet
  • Geoprobe 7720 DT Data Sheet

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