Sonic LX 600 SONIC Drill Rig

Star Drilling has a diverse range of sonic drill available to clients, including a LX600 Sonic truck mounted drill rig. This rig provides advanced drilling technology and core recovery in both unconsolidated and consolidated soil strata. Our sonic rig will also have the added versatility of switching to a diamond coring head, giving the ability to sonic case down to rock and then advance with either wireline of down hole hammer down to 250 metres - all in the one rig set-up.

Drilling using Sonic provides at or near 100% core recovery without the risk of refusal, without the use of fluids, and with minimal deviation. 

Environmental, geotechnical, water investigation, mineral exploration, pre-collaring, drilling in unconsolidated formations- landfills, dam walls, earthen structures. - wherever 100% recovery is required!

Our Sonic Drilling services include, U-tubes & SPT, Packer testing, airlift targeting, sampling & testing of aquifer zones, as well as diamond coring and down hole hammer. (Please go to services page for more info).


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