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Drilling Rigs

Star Drilling currently own and operate 15 drilling rigs. Each rig has its own dedicated setup, which means we can simultaneously run 15 rigs.

Environmental Drill Rigs

Star Drilling operate 4 Geoprobe drill rigs

These Geoprobe tracked drill rigs are capable of drilling bores for installing 50mm or 100mm monitoring wells, collecting soil or groundwater samples using Push Tube Sampling Systems or doing Geotech soil bores with the DT100 auto hammer.

These rigs are versatile and have a small footprint which allows better negotiation on sites with difficult terrains. These rigs are fitted with a rotary head for both auger and down hole hammer.  From the interior factory setting to the heavily wooded site, the Geoprobe drill rigs have consistently proved themselves as the rig of choice for consulting professionals.


  1. Geoprobe 6710
  2. Geoprobe 7822
  3. Geoprobe 7822
  4. Geoprobe 7822

Geotechnical multipurpose Drill Rigs

7 geotechnical/ multipurpose drill rigs

Star Drilling currently operate a modern fleet of 7 geotechnical/ multipurpose drill rigs, all capable of drilling diamond core and mud drilling programs.

  1. Comacchio 450 track with rod loader
  2. Comacchio 450P track
  3. Comacchio 405 track
  4. Comacchio MCT-7 Truck
  5. Boart Longyear LX-6 track
  6. Comacchio 205 track
  7. Sandvik DE810 truck

The fleet has grown to ensure versatility and flexibility to allow for cost effective drilling programs.

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Other Plant

Expansive Fleet

All vehicles are fitted with rotating beacons, reversing travel alarms spill kits, first aid kits and 4 pole isolation points. 

Two vehicles are ROPS compliant.

  • 15,000L Mine-Spec Water Truck
  • 1 x Cappellotto 7000L hydro vacuum truck
  • 1 x Vermeer NDD hydro vac excavator 3 x Sullair 300HH Air compressors
  • 1 x Atlas Copco 450CFM comressor
  • 1 x 900/1150 Sullair air compressor
  • Tandem Plant trailers
  • Modern Hino & Isuzu Support Trucks with 1500L water tanks


Drilling Equipment

  • Dust suppressing cyclones & water mist injection units
  • Hydraulic & Diesel pumps
  • Diesel water pumps Drum trolley
  • 1,000L water containers

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Sonic LS600, TerraSonic TSi 150 Truck & tracked rigs

coring and down hole hammer ability

Star Drilling’s sonic drilling rigs provides advanced drilling technology and core recovery in both unconsolidated and consolidated soil strata.

Advanced Design

The features a pneumatic isolation system inside the head, preventing resonant energy from transmitting to the drill rig. This directs the maximum amount of energy down the drill string to the face of the bit for improved penetration rates. Its advanced design allows heads to last longer, drill faster and go deeper.

Greater Depths

A turbo-charged John Deere® engine powers the Sonic head, allowing drillers to reach depths of up to 250m +/-.

Superior Information

The Sonic technology drills through and samples overburden and soft rock formations at or near 100% core recovery without the risk of refusal and without the use of fluids. In addition to producing a relatively undisturbed sample, sonic drills with as little as one percent deviation to depth enabling the driller to pinpoint exact sampling locations. More information with fewer holes — that’s the power of Sonic.


Two sonic drill rigs come with the ability to easily switch from sonic to diamond coring or down hole hammer. The ability to sonic core and case down to rock then advance with either wire line diamond coring or down hole hammer make this rig the most versatile drilling rig in Australia.



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"Our reputation is built on the ability to safely deliver efficient drilling programs, with experience and a commitment by our team members who are maintaining the highest of professional standards."

Scott Barnes, Director
Safe, Flexible, Reliable